How did Sliced Orange become a thing?

The founder, Charles McKean, was a 19 year old college finance major who never fell in love with the whole stock market environment. He had always been much more in love with following his dreams and spreading a message to people at the same time. As time passed in college, McKean realized that it was in his best interest to branch out, go his own separate direction and do what he loved most in life. Following a summer of working in his parents' garage and saving up money from a summer job, Sliced Orange was born.

Where is Sliced Orange based?

Sliced Orange is based in South Central Pennsylvania just outside of Gettysburg.

Do any stores sell Sliced Orange?

Sliced Orange is currently only available online but is hoping to expand to small business stores.

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Tel: (717)-479-1134

Email: info@slicedorangeclothing.com

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